Contributory Negligence

It seems like there is so much to write about these days that to NOT write a comment or two seems …foolish. I am not sure where to begin.. Do I talk about the job interview I had that seems to have crossed the line of legal questions that can be asked? Or do I discuss how Kelly Anne, Counselor to the President is touting Ivanka’s business? Or maybe, I should talk about how incredibly elated I am that the Patriots won the Super Bowl?

It seems lately that I have stepped into a world of crazy stuff that before would have sent me on my high horse demanding clarity and correction of the wrongs that had occurred. Well, I must admit, I did do that yesterday after I  had a job interview that didn’t go exactly to plan. The jury is still out on the final outcome of the interview but I will say this, I am not sure whose fault it was, mine for not stopping the interview or the other persons fault for asking the unlawful question.

When I watched Kelly Anne on national TV tell me that I should buy Ivanka’s clothing and fashion line, I nearly heaved the TV off the table. Federal employee’s are not allowed to discuss or promote businesses. She has been reprimanded but Dad is the President and he did tweet about her clothing so, where is the separation of what’s right and what’s wrong?

With the lines of decency and law seemingly being meshed together by the highest office of our country these days, who is guiding us in a world that civility once held us together? I have been listening and watching various media and trying to understand the chaos that is not only surrounding us but invading the very fiber of our daily lives. There was a time that disagreeing was good, was healthy, was needed to have it in order to obtain the best ideas that would rise to surface and serve us all.  There were laws that needed to be followed too. These days, it’s gotten so toxic that nothing seems to be respectfully done.


Here’s the Thing…..

In this new altered state of affairs, it’s no wonder that the Patriots pulled off the most incredible comeback in football history….

“Roger That!”





You’re the Apprentice Now…

When I use to watch The Apprentice, I liked it mostly for the Board room commentary and how individuals would be criticized on the talent of their work. Sometimes the language or matter in which it was given was rather harsh but I understood it was for the entertaining value of the show. That ratings depended on the crazy things the people would say or do. The best part of it was, I was able to “turn it off” if I didn’t like it. It had no impact on the daily life I had except to provide a form of amusement.

I use to find it amusing how Donald Trump would sit in his large chair in the center of the Board room table and in his authoritative way declare if you stayed or, “Your Fired.” I was never really sure I wanted to work for someone who behaved or acted in the matter that he did but, it seemed only fair that he could hire and fire anyone he wanted for his own company. Television ratings loved the show and so did everyday people. See, the award of The Apprentice was to work for the Trump organization, a job I might add that came with a wonderful salary and tons of perks.

I know many of you have seen the show and am wondering why I am telling you all this;

Here’s the Thing….The reality show concept or the reality game of The Apprentice has turned around, I don’t work for Donald Trump, he works for me. The minute he was sworn in he became the President of the American People. He now represents all of us around the world. He is the one walking into the Board room all nervous and hoping to have the right answers to the questions that are asked of him.  He is now The Apprentice and the American People are head of the Board room. I am not sure that this concept has been realized.

So, as one of many, “in charge of the Board room” and in the kindness way possible, listen up, I am willing to give you a chance but this is NOT a reality television show. This is REAL LIFE. Please treat your new position that way or you may hear from the American people the very words you have said to others… “Your Fired!”

It’s Hard to Grow Up….

When I tell my daughter to do something she used to do it. No questions asked, just did it but now, she is a young adult who by her own right tells me, “No.” At first, I was a little surprised, and yes, delighted in her new found independence but other times I was so afraid for her. Not afraid that she couldn’t achieve the goals she was striving for but afraid that those obstacles and pit falls that had fallen upon me would blind side her in the worst possible way.  She knows right from wrong, she knows there are consequences, she respects others and she was brought up well.

I could see vividly in my mind the crying, the tears and I could feel the pain that she would feel from decisions that somehow I felt were not the best. I didn’t want her to go through such pain so, I would fight with her and fight till somehow the “new idea” would fade away and she would continue on her way. Another disaster totally missed. I was able to sleep a little better at night but, it never stayed that way for long.

It would happen again, but this time I was reminded that she had to make her own mistakes and she had to find a way if it failed. That no matter how much I wanted to protect her, she needed to go. To go and discover the path that would lead her on her own journey.

Here’s the thing….How different is this growing up of a child any different from a new President who seems to fight at every turn? He fights businesses, celebrities, leaders, and well, everyone.  Like my daughter, he gets on social media (which I can not stand) and makes comments that are misunderstood, rude, brash, you name it. Though each one has an image of what they want done there might be a point here to make.

The point being, let them grow up.

A Little Birdie Told Me…


I am not a twitter fan. I told my daughter this a long time ago and I will tell anyone who wants to “tweet” to just keep their opinion to themselves. I find it to not only complicate a situation but gets too many opinions involved. There is so much drama surrounding a tweet that the real issue seems to get lost in the side drama issues . No one can have a solid, good, conversation with limited characters.

If you want to “tell” someone something, talk to them directly. Lay out your argument or your news and give the person the opportunity to talk to you directly about what you are saying. That’s a conversation and somehow I think that does not seem to be happening as often as it should these days. Now, if you really don’t want to answer someone questioning you, then maybe tweeting it is a good way to speak. Unfortunately, it can make you appear uneducated.

If tweeting is your thing, there should be some basic rules. You should:

  1. Always have a disclaimer of contents on the bottom
  2. Check your spelling
  3. Check your grammar
  4.  Realize it never gets fully deleted
  5. Not everyone cares or many will criticize it

Here’s the Thing…. Talking to people is hard. They may not always want to hear about what you are saying cause sometimes, no one really cares what you think. Also, having a conversation, articulating what you really mean is not always an easy thing to do. It takes thought, it takes poise and it takes you to actually stand in front of your audience.

I get it, it is good for some things such as; telling me that there has been an emergency but beyond that…. Have a courier deliver it to me.

Now 2017!

Well, Happy New Year!

I am hoping that all of you enjoyed the Holidays as much as I did. Some of you, I think, may have gotten a bit mad at me when I stood in line at the grocery store and had a conversation with the cashier. Others of you may have gotten mad because I actually decided to drive the speed limit when traveling to see family.  And well, others of you may have been just plain old frustrated that you had to be patient. I am sure that the moments pasted and that the real issue was that you were dealing with family in your house. That maybe you had to cook a big meal you had no idea had to make or maybe it was because your children, whether young or old, were running around the house messing it up right after you cleaned it.

All these things can make anyone grumpy, upset or plain old mean. I do hope that when you gathered around the dinner table, couch or wherever you decided to eat a Holiday meal, you smiled and felt like you were loved.

Here’s the Thing…..All families have issues, good ones or bad ones. All of us try so hard to make it all so perfect, but that is not why we get together. The reason is to celebrate but also to reconnect to all of those that in the coming year, you will not or may not be able see again.

So, when you are writing out those New Year resolutions, think about adding a few that are not about losing weight, but to reconnect with those you know, to share time with your family and to reconnect with those that maybe you did not see over the Holidays.




What now….

…….Where does one begin?  Not sure what to do, where to turn or frankly, what can I say that has not been already said on the news. One thing is for sure, that I hope we all know what we are doing and we can go back to normal. I actually have no idea what normal is anymore, it seems like the only thing normal is that there is always going to be change.

As a woman, with a daughter, I am not sure where we stand in this new normal. Do we stand next to, beside or behind our new President- elect? Or, like when President- elect Trump was giving his speech of victory, do we place our youngest male child next to the new President?

It struck me … and Here’s the Thing…. We need to get use to it.


Make It Stop…

I am not sure about you BUT I have noticed that there are many people, lately that I talk to, that are really interested in having the elections over. I know, they are not ever really over. All that will happen is we will have a new chapter in our history. Though at this point, all I would like is to be able to have it done.

It seems to have changed so much already, for example, I was walking down the street the other day and another woman almost ran into me. I simply moved over on the sidewalk and let her go by, it seems as if she was more of a hurry than me. I just let her take stride and walk briskly by. She did start to slow down and we did have a short conversation. We said hello and then proceeded to say how stressed each of us were, “Ya know, with the election and all.” It surprised me that the two of us immediately knew what the other women was saying. I smiled and held my head slightly down so to express my focus on the destination I was trying to reach. She too, was as focused as I; we just drifted apart each going our own way.

Stressed? Maybe that is what you call it, stressed about not knowing what was happening next, great.

Here’s the Thing… it will all work out, November 9th will come and it will all be okay. The sun will rise, the coffee may be good and all my bills will need to be paid; like the rent, and yes, by the 9th, that will be late and have a late fee attached. Now, that’s stress.. But…we will all move on.

Maybe, I should have told that very worried, stressed out woman I met just that…..