Gratitude…not Attitude..please

I have a teenage daughter who thinks that it is okay to walk around the house and boss me around…no, really, she is a good kid  BUT, there are times when she thinks she knows better than me.

I realize now, thank you Mom,  that I was the same way at her age and my Mom always told me, ” one day you will remember this.” I do and I am trying very hard to have her understand that she, though a very smart girl, has lots to learn. Just like I did, when I was her age.

So, I got to thinking, how do I show her that I am really not that awful of a parent just because I make her be responsible, wear decent clothes to school and make sure she brushes her teeth?

I started with a new family campaign this morning….Gratitude ..not Attitude…please. Everytime she felt like giving me that flip attitude, I asked for her to stop and think before she opens her mouth and start the sentence with a compliment, not a negative word.

So…instead of…”Mom, what did you do with my clothes, stay out of my room!”

She would say, “Thank you Mom for cleaning my clothes, now, which drawer did you put my favorite shirt.”

Eh? I think I may be on to something here….

I will let you know how it works….


One Comment on “Gratitude…not Attitude..please”

  1. it could be worse , you could have gotten MY daughter !!

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