Too Cool for the Car….

In the early morning hours I usually hear the alarm go off in the distant room. A slam to the alarm is followed with the grunt and feet stomping across the carpeted floor to the bathroom. I usually close my eyes again until my alarm goes off at 5am and the day has begun. PT(Physical Training) formation will be upon us all  well before the 6:30 am shooting of the cannon rocks the house.


I yell up the stairs, as if she did not feel the cannon rumble the walls. It is time to go to the bus stop, down the street were she picks up the bus for her 45 minute ride to middle school, 8th grade to be precise.

I like the routine, I enjoy our chats in the car prior to her boarding the bus. I would drive, dodge the soldiers doing PT in the road and then sit at a distance from her actual bus stop to go over the days activities. It was a routine I had grown very accustom to and yes…I like it. Well some of it, the exception is dodging the soldiers running, they drive me crazy, that’s another story.

This routine was anything but a routine this very morning.

Today, there was no alarm, no stomping of feet and this had me, let’s say…..alarmed.

I got out of bed, traveled down the stairs to the kitchen and began brewing the coffee I so need each and every day. Still nothing from her room.



“What,” I said shouting up the stairs.

There she stood on the landing in the middle of the statirs, I was at the bottom looking up at her.

“I would like to walk to the bus stop today, I need to be taking care of myself now, ya’ know I will be in High School next year and well….I just need to do it myself.” She smiled at me that big smile I remembered when she took off the first time with her friends.

“I agree, you know how to get there.” I waved her off as she started back up the stairs, “You do not have much time….” I started to walk away.

I heard her say, “I know, I know….”  The door to her room shut.

I was not sure if I should have cried or smiled. I think I did a little of both. I knew that it had nothing to do with me and everything to do with what I have been trying to teach her, but who said it would be easy and who said I liked it. What Parent really likes when the routine is changed?

So, there I stood at the door, yelling up the stairs to get a move on. She flew past me grabbing her books off the kitchen table, gave me a quick kiss and I smiled. She whispered goodbye, have a great day in my ear and off she went.

Me, I stood there in the silence knowing that she was growing up. I knew this day would come but there I stood holding the car keys in my hand thinking maybe there would be one more time…..


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