Be polite…PLEASE

I am sure that we all have had our moments when we really did not feel like being nice, I mean really, being nice takes a lot of effort.

If for some reason you are in the customer service business, be nice, all the time or at least have the decency to remove yourself from talking to someone that you may not get along with or are having difficult communicating with, seriously, just say, ” Let me get someone who can help you better.”

Here’s the thing, If you do not like your job taking care of someone, then get another job. It will do you and those who need to use the services of the company you are representing good. The company will stay in business and you will not be a pill.

But I forget, this is the military I am talking about, the company I was working with relies on the military to provide them with the people and the military wants you to work with them. Sounds like a win/ win, most times it is but other times, it is a nightmare.

The nightmare comes when there is no other company to go to, to compete for the same customer. You have no choice but to give the one company your business. The customer has to find a way to swallow the attitude being given.

Hearing, “There is nothing I can do or “We are too busy to help you,” or worse, “Take it or leave it.” Makes you wonder if it really is customer service.



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