Take the speeding ticket instead….

It seems as if today IS that kind of a day. Nothing, I mean, nothing seems to be going right. I reflect back to yesterday and wonder what in the world happened to cause things to go so far out of whack. Really, what did I do to make today that kind of a day? Then it hit me….

Yesterday, while driving home, I found myself shaking my finger at the police officer (military police) parked on the side of the road with a speed gun. I actually did not know I was shaking my finger at him until I found myself saying out loud, “Oh, no, I am NOT speeding, put that gun down!” Mind you, I get lots of tickets and I was not about to get another one, especially when I knew I was NOT over the limit.

His face was stunned and slowly I saw him placing the gun on his lap. I drove on feeling victorious, that some how the order of the day was fine. I had some how won, small victories are just that, small victories and remember, no ticket.

Off to the commissary, or what most call the store, to shop for some groceries. This is where things generally start falling apart because it is a commissary. In Germany, this is where you get American food at okay prices. Do Not get overly excited here, prices are not that great and selection is usually a challenge as well.

Feeling a bit confident, I started to shop for produce and was quite surprised at the cost of a package of carrots. I stopped, recalled the price for the week that had past and thought that the new price of $1.40 for the same package that last week costed $1.15 seemed a little too much.  Then I saw the cucumbers, kiwi and …I think you are getting the picture….the prices seemed really high. My attitude gave me the strength to ask a clerk, who was quickly walking away because they knew a question was coming, They reluctantly smiled and got another “manager”.

” The price of gas has gone up” they said. You know how expensive it is to transport these products?

Seriously, my mind was starting to explode, “The carrots origin was from Germany.”

It became one thing after another as I tried to gain victory. Victory for what? I know, I should have just let it go, I was buying the products anyway. No amount truly was going to be too much, I knew that there was no other store down the road that I could get the food I wanted, even if I did want to, it was closed. It was this store or nothing….

So…victory turned to frustration as I watched the clerk ring up the produce I wanted….feeling a bit defeated I went home.

Then….it happened..the computer would not work. The server was down. Most would say this really should not wrap you around the pole but it did and what does one do when they can not get on the computer, the world stops….

Now it is around 11 am today and I finally am able to get on the computer and hoping, truly hoping, that by telling you this that the next time you run into the police (military police)  DO NOT shake your finger at them, except your fate and take the ticket instead…the cost will be far less.


4 Comments on “Take the speeding ticket instead….”

  1. Tutu says:

    Frustration, frustration – that is what we all live with today!

  2. pofaydc says:

    Oh, I feel ya, Sister! From the prices and selection–yet, necessity–to the computer problem that had me in near tears this AM….not to mention the 4 points on my license last week :/ Better days, my friend 🙂 ~SP

    • justme143 says:

      Thank you for your comment. I am sorry about the 4 points on your license…but like you said…better days…you never know what today will bring…smiles

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