Please…let me start over today!

This is going to be short, I promise. Today did not start off very well and I have to admit, it is effecting my day and the day just started.

I have learned that you really should not call the Health clinic on a Monday morning. It can be an optimistic thing to hope that you will get through to someone after you have navigated the, dial one for appointment, two to cancel. Even after you have endured that process, and you are sitting on hold in the que, your mind can wonder and have you start another project.

This is what happened to me, I was number five in the queue and wanting to get other things done while I bobbed my head to the same song over and over again. So, I put the phone on speaker and started working on other projects.

After about 25 minutes, I heard the announcement that I was next. I was so excited.

I heard the voice of someone answering the phone. I picked up the phone and luck would have it, hit the wrong key to take it off speaker…..

Here’s the thing….I lost her and had to start all over again.

Guess what, that song is stuck in my head…..Please, let me start over today.


2 Comments on “Please…let me start over today!”

  1. Christine Majors says:

    I have actually run out of money on my cell phone , and then had the home phone go dead on me just as I was hearing the voice of a real person … some Mondays we are just better off in bed !

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