Welcome Home….

Happy Birth..scratch that, Happy Anniver…scratch that too, how about, Happy Thanksgiv..what is it that I am wanting to say here?

It’s been a year, a long, stressful year that no matter what I write, or how many Holidays I try to think of, it won’t even begin to sum up the emotions of a Husband being gone on a deployment.

Many of you know what I am talking about, others, just hold on and listen to what is being told. Those of you getting ready for your first deployment, seek guidance from the many resources that the Military offer to cope; you will need it.

Back to the what do I say, oh yeah, it had been a long stressful, emotional year and now, finally, I am counting down the last days till you come home; reunited again.

I know, it was a year ago that I smiled every time the Armed Forced Network (AFN) made a live announcement on the play by play of where you were. “And now, they have landed in Nuremberg, not much longer till those buses come our way.”  Then came the Soldier shout outs, “Miss ya, see ya real soon.” I know, they make me smile every time I think of it.  To top it off, there were the emails that we would get, telling us, where to go, what time to be at the Field House to greet them. I was tired and I kept thinking that he will be tired too. Drunk with excitement, we hurried to get ready.

My daughter and I had been preparing for this day for a long, long time. It is what kept us sane as we watched over the year the news, heard the commentaries about the war in Afghanistan and learn about what was actually happening there. We knew that it was not all fun and games. We knew because many Soldiers did not come home. A daily reminder that war was with us, right with us as we tried to function daily as if nothing was wrong. When there was a memorial, we did our best to support the families and continued our daily lives.

The house was picked up, the frig full of his favorite foods and a list of things to do was posted on the family board. So, today we stood among all the other families, looking our best, waiting, waiting, and waiting for the door to the Field House to fly open wide. The fog, hid them at first but there they came marching into the gym as the song, “The Boys are Back in Town” blared over the loud speakers. There was not a  dry eye in the house and my daughter was craning her neck to see if she could catch a quick glance of her Father among the now large group of Soldiers standing at attention.  Where is he?

With a single word, Charge, the room exploded into chaos as families ran to see their loved one. Then, we found him. We hugged, all three of us, and hugged again, again and again…. Never letting go.

It was …scratch that…..Welcome Home.



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