Rank, does it Matter to You?

What is rank? Does it define who we are or what we do? I mean, really, is being a Army spouse the same as being a Bankers wife or a Plumbers wife?

In the military I often hear, ” I am a Army wife” What does that mean? Better yet, I have heard and even asked myself, “What’s your Husbands rank?” As if to ask, “Am I really allowed or privileged to speak to you.”

Yes, I have even asked the question and I wondered why, what does it matter? I wonder because I would not have asked this when I was in the civilian world, so why am I asking now? Maybe it is a cultural thing, a question that comes out in the daily lives of those serving. It is a way of indentfying and yes, ranking those around us. There is after all a set of protocol that is followed and it is important to follow it. But that is for the Soldier, or is it?

Even though I did not join the Army, my husband did and with that we might as well signed on the bottom line too. Everything we do, reflects back on the Soldier. I can not seem to do anything on the Installation without being asked my husbands rank or sponsor number, his social security number. He is ever present in my daily activities. In the civilian world, it was all me.

Over time, the identity of the spouse can be lost, faded away into the background of what is important. If the spouse is not well grounded in their own self, this can be a major issue.

The culture of the military drives the rank issue, spouses feed it to meet the daily demands of serving the country.

So, I ask, What is you rank today?


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