Stop for a Moment….


         I am packing my bags for the start of the summer season. I am so excited to be able to throw shorts, a swimsuit and sandals into my overnight bag in anticipation that this weekend will be the beginning of a fabulous 2012 summer.

I can taste the BBQ chicken, steaks and hamburgers.  I begin to think about how in the States I would have been bombarded with Memorial Day ads for selling all the summer stuff; gosh, how I miss American commercials. I think about how I would not be able to escape the big signs screaming, summer is here. The kick off for the season has begun.

There is one thing though I am not going to forget this weekend, taking time to place a flag on a grave. To pause and realize that this weekend is to remember those who have given their lives to let me have this opportunity to enjoy life the way I do.

I am very proud and humbled by those who have given their lives for future generations to live free. I am honored to have been able to walk on the same ground they have walked to free those from a concentration camp in Flossenburg, Germany.  I cannot imagine the horror they faced and endured during the long journey to end the injustice that was before them.

I will pause, remember and honor all who have fallen this weekend.

And….I know you will too.



2 Comments on “Stop for a Moment….”

  1. Great Article. There are so many who are forgotten. We must never forget they fought for our freedom.

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