I am telling you, always check the bed…..

When I go away on a trip and stay at a Hotel I know that there is always something that may not be to my standard. I know that when you are in the customer service business anything can and will happen, it is a given, right?

We see the television programs that go into hotels and find things that have not been cleaned. If you are anything like me, I regard them as being shows to disgust you so you will watch them and the show will get high ratings. Even with that said, I always check the bed.

The bed can very telling about how the room will be, clean or not. I never  actually have  had any issues, I would crawl into the  bed at night and find the fluffy pillows to be delightful. Hotel beds with their big pillows seem to allow for wonderful dreams. The much-needed vacation would be underway, leaving behind the stressful stuff of regular days.

I always remind those I travel with to check the bed before crawling into its sheets. This time, my teenage daughter who had selective hearing  and a “Yeah Mom, sure attitude” did not check the sheets. It was not until the next morning when in a “You’ve got to be kidding me, clean this room” parental rage, did I notice the stain. It happened when I pulled the sheet down to make the bed. Instantly the Godfather movie came to  mind and shrieks of  horror was bellowing from my mouth.  I was hoping that I would not find a horses head and was quite relieved when there was none. Even though a sigh of relief came to me, I was still disgusted to find the stain not only on the sheet but all the way through to the mattress.

Okay, now what? I really did not know what to do. I have never had this happen to me.  I know, call the front desk and find out what in the world  were they thinking. Seriously though, at that point nothing can really change the experience we had been through. The answer from management  was filled with  apologizes and a refund for the night . It helped but nothing can erase the experience .

Now when I ask my daughter to, “Check the bed.” She will. How about you?


5 Comments on “I am telling you, always check the bed…..”

  1. justme143 says:

    Reblogged this on Here's the thing….. and commented:

    With Holiday travel upon us…

  2. pofaydc says:

    Ho. Ly. Cow!!!

  3. KPorts says:

    That is disgusting and I know where you stayed and now I will for sure think twice!

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