Looking for your 2 Cents….

What has happened to the penny? I know that I still have a jar in my closest of the little guys but recently when I went to pay for a personal pizza at Pizza Hut the little copper Abraham Lincolns  seemed to be missing from my wallet. I needed 3 of them to make up for the .18 cents needed to complete my lunch transaction. So, the girl behind the counter told me to give her .20 cents and the transaction would be complete.

Somehow paying 2 extra cents for the lunch was bothering me. I asked for the pennies so I could gleefully add them to my closest collection. She informed me that they do not  have pennies in the drawer, they always round-up.

Here’s the thing, that means that for every person who pays over the amount of their lunch, Pizza Hut makes more of a profit. I was wondering is that fair? I mean shouldn’t they tell you that they are rounding up the totals of the meals?  I asked if I could then round down and only give her the .15 cents I had in my hand. Her response was, No, that would be cheating the company of the 3 cents it needed and the register would not let her do that. But yet cheating me of the 2 cents for the .20 cents was okay.

Yes, my head is spinning too and really what is 2 cents to me?  It will only go into that big jar I have in the closest and sit there, really not doing anything. I mean really, 2 cents should not be the topic of a heated conversation when ordering lunch at the busiest time of the day. The Pizza Hut line was getting longer and I was getting frustrated with the conversation. I even looked around the counter to see if there was a small amount of change hanging around so that I could settle this dispute with someone elses money but no change was hanging around. What to do, oh, what to do?

I decided that I would give her the .20 cents; which she knew I would do.  I decided right then that I would no longer go the Pizza Hut.

I felt like I had given her my 2 cents on the topic and I can certainly go somewhere else to have someone give me theirs.


4 Comments on “Looking for your 2 Cents….”

  1. Cathe says:

    I believe all of the AAFES related businesses do this.

  2. henry says:

    Use a card, save the 2 cents.

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