No Yogurt, Budget Cuts….

Yogurt and raspberries

I get it, there is no more money. I know, I know, there are things we need to be refocusing on and need to accept that money is just not growing on the money tree. Obviously, there was never a money tree but now the phrase, “There is no more money”, is being used to explain everything  from local community services to yogurt not being stocked at the local commissary/grocery store.

I get it, we are in a new fiscal responsibility and there will be changes. Hours of services will be changed, people will be let go and we need to get use to it. Nobody likes change. I accept  the changes  but when the phrase , “We do not have yogurt stocked because there have been budget cuts”, makes me tilt my head and wonder. Seriously, the shelves can not be stocked because of budget cuts?

Maybe there should be  better communication of what things are actually being cut so that basic folk can fully understand the severity of the crisis. Maybe then yogurt  and other products can be stocked properly without using excuses.

Using the budget crisis to not stock shelves at the store IS NOT how I would think the, “There is no more money”, phrase should be used. It minimizes the importance of the actual crisis and makes it just another phrase that blends in with everyday living.

Here’s the Thing, the yogurt still needs to be stocked and yes, someone had to go get it. It was in the backroom.


One Comment on “No Yogurt, Budget Cuts….”

  1. KPorts says:

    Not only the commissary, but that same message is given out to patients at the health clinic. I was denied women’s health services because “if you didn’t already know, the federal government is in debt and I couldn’t in good conscience perform a procedure that you may not need” clinic doctor. I thought doctors had to put the patients first and not the fiscal crisis of the government.

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