Scream while shopping…

all-out tantrum on the sidewalk outside the pu...

(Photo credit: sean dreilinger)

What is it about children crying, no, SCREAMING in a store? I can understand a little crying here and there but when there is a full blown  temper tantrum and the parent does NOTHING makes me wonder why. Who’s fault is it? The child’s or the parents?

I am sure there are plenty of you who have comments and experience in this field but really, there is no reason for a child to be running down the stores aisle screaming, kicking and being otherwise extremely disruptive.  Nor do I expect them to sit quietly every minute and say thank you with a smile.

I guess after going  shopping the other day I am sensitive to this topic and yes, a bit embarrassed as I acted as foolishly as the child. As I was trying to decide what brand to buy, I had a little kid screaming at the top of his lungs at his mother. She was doing a half-hearted job to subdue the little guy and continued to do her shopping. I was not able to focus and the high-pitched sound was driving me crazy; my ears were ringing.

It was then that I noticed that I was screaming in chorus with the little guy and it was not till he looked at me in total surprise did I realize I was out screaming him. His look of total shock made me realize I was acting pretty childish. The mother started to quickly move  away from me; I think she thought I was crazy.  The kid, well, he was no longer screaming. Gosh, it felt really good doing that and I was able to make the decision that I needed to make, now that the little kid was gone and there was quiet.

Here’s the thing….maybe I should have been doing this a long time ago. Gosh, you do feel so much better after you have gone and belted out a good scream now and again. Shopping along side little kids now has taken on a whole new meaning. Maybe they are on to something.




2 Comments on “Scream while shopping…”

  1. Meenakshi says:

    I know this may seem harsh, but if you don’t discipline your kids, someone else will. My son is 1 year and 4 months now, and is in that screaming phase. But when we are out shopping or in a restaurant, I make a stern face and say no when he screams. Not all people love kids, and everyone should be allowed their peace in a public space!

  2. I agree there is no reason to let a child run around the store screaming or being destructive. I have, however, had a screaming child in my cart. There was nothing I could do… my kid was mad or hungry or tired or just generally being naughty and there were NO groceries in the house so I had to finish shopping before my husband took the car to go to work. There comes a point where yelling or reasoning is having no effect at all and you can’t spank at Walmart without ending up on the 6pm news. So I picked my screaming kid up, plopped them in the cart and finished my chores as quickly as possible. It’s frustrating and embarassing but I’m not sure how else to handle it.

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