Just Breathe…..


English: Animation of a diaphragm exhaling and...

English: Animation of a diaphragm exhaling and inhaling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I have been missing and am now coming up for air. Deep breathing, yes, deep breathing.

Here’s the thing….  I hate hospitals. Not dislike them, hate them and as I sat in the car driving to a place I really do not like to go to, I could not help but think of  what could happen. Everything is so hypothetical, so “what if” and  I really do not want to discuss what may go wrong. I take migraine medication before I even get there, if I could have a drink, I would.

So that’s where I have been lately, sitting at the hospital wondering if everything would work out. Sitting there waiting for  his surgery to be over. I begin thinking about all the things we have done and where in the world are we going. Life seems to always take a shape when you are sitting staring at the clock ticking.

I watch the nurses go room to room, I watch the morning sun turn to afternoon and my face is hurting from smiling at the nurses, who know I have no idea what they are saying in German.

I reach into my bag and grab the sandwich I made and  hope that soon he will appear.

And when he does, I am smiling and yes….breathing.



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