Is this You?

Reality Television

I was watching a 20/20 show about adults losing it and it got me thinking, Why are we seeing this more often? A parent, a news anchor, kids behaving poorly on a bus or someone in an authority position just absolutely going nuts.

Here’s the thing……..We are watching far too much reality TV, so call reality TV and this is shaping our culture. Snooki is a household name, and is plastered everywhere, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Housewives of the crazies, all are on the TV showing us how others live. We can not get enough, it makes us feel like somehow our lives are somewhat better, more stable or just down right boring and many think, how can I get on TV.

What happens when reality becomes violent? What do we do when kids are caught taunting a bus monitor and brings her to tears? We not only are outraged but shower her with more money than any of us can afford. Seriously, is this really the way to express remorse for what happened? What are we as a society going to do when the next bus monitor gets bullied in the Fall? Maybe we should just set up a fund for all bus monitors to give them money for vacations. I am not saying that I accept the behavior of the kids but I am saying that we need to think about what and how we react to it. In a world of reality TV someone is going to find another way to out do the latest drama unfolding on the news.

We do not need to take the bait, unless it is us who are finally getting the 15 minutes of fame.


3 Comments on “Is this You?”

  1. Or, you could choose not to watch reality TV. The only one I look at is “Pawn Stars”, and that’s just about people trying to sell junk they falsely assume is valuable to collectors. I did hear about the bus monitor video on the news, but that’s the old “Queen For a Day” dynamic. That poor lady had nothing and was even abused by bullies (they are in every school), so viewers felt sorry and rewarded her.

  2. dj says:

    I see your point about the “fund” for the bus monitor. Here is something to pounder, what about making a “charity account” for our deficit problem? If we as a society can manage to give $600,000 to a bus monitor, could we not afford to help fix out country’s problelm? Just a thought. (And of course, I know there are billions of dollars that would be needed. But would it not be a start?) LOL

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