How does it work…Here?

It seems to be that time of year again when people leave and new people come to reside in the homes that others left behind.  Your regular routine of going to the commissary or to installation services are no longer simple as you hear, “Well, when I was at Fort Hood…”

Here’s the Thing….This is not Fort Hood or you last place of residence. You moved, you are no longer living in the States you are in a new culture, new area and needing to learn and respect both. Those who have lived here for the past few years and offering suggestions in order to help you should not be scolded or ridiculed. Take the advice being offered and thank the person for taking the time to help you.  Whether you use the information or not, thank them.

Moving overseas is a daunting thought and extremely stressful for all involved.  There’s learning that the commissary does not have your favorite cereal, that stores are not open on Sunday’s and that you need to take a driver’s test to get a license to drive in Germany. All this can be overwhelming and lead to short-tempered behavior that expands beyond the boundaries of you own home.

Stop for a moment and consider this, It is not better, nor worse, just different. If you think this way you can stop and think before jumping down the throat of  any well intended person wanting to share with you the ropes. So, next time instead of saying, “Well, when I was at Fort Hood” ask, “So, how does it work here?”


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