You Decide…

I almost ran the Officer over. Yep, all I could see was his face yelling at me as I took the corner. I did not notice the black uniform or the black glove on his hand as he was trying to tell me to stop. Nope, the MP (Military Police) did NOT have on a reflective vest  nor did he have a flashlight or any other identifying item that would somehow make me stop and say, ” I think that dude dressed up as a MP wants me to wait….here.”

Here’s the Thing…..why can he go around telling me what I am allowed to do or not do when he is not following the same rule? It got me thinking as I flew  by him after the late night fireworks, what would have happened had I hit him would it have been my fault?  Would I have been contributorily negligent or would it have clearly been his fault?

I pondered the thought as I sat there in the long line of traffic, all trying to go out the same gate, at the same time, with the same MP enforcing the law.

I finally gave up and decided, No, it would not be contributorily negligent, but contributorily stupid.


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