Have you ever met Little Miss Bouncy…?

When I say something, I mean it. All I wanted to do is walk my dog, look around and feel like I somehow do not live  with a bunch of self-absorbed, halo-wearing twenty-year old entitlement ridden brats.

I was enjoying walking my dog, my day was going fine until I saw Little Miss Bouncy coming towards me with her dog.

Here’s the exchange:

Little Miss Bouncy: Hello! Oh, you have a dog too… My dog LOVES to play.

Me: (Flat toned) Hello.  Please stop there, my dog will eat your dog.

Little Miss Bouncy: No way… that is not true.   Here, let’s let them play – all dogs like to play together!

Me: (A bit annoyed but still polite) No!  My dog does not play well with others. Please stop walking towards me.

Little Miss Bouncy: Ah, but they would like to play together. MY DOG LOVES other dogs. (Starts letting her dog get closer….)

Me: (Now, I have had it!) Stop the F*** there! My dog DOES NOT LIKE YOUR DOG!

Here’s the Thing…. to that self-absorbed, halo-wearing person, when you are talking to someone…. LISTEN or that halo will be bitten off.



3 Comments on “Have you ever met Little Miss Bouncy…?”

  1. seasonedwife says:

    Wow someone is jealous… waaaaay jealous of “miss bouncy”. Thats a real good attitude to have toward other human beings, i bet she is way pretty and probably skinny too… Dumb and pretty does not make her a bad person… and really you should socialize your dog they are just like children you must teach them how to properly interact or they will become vile creatures.

  2. pofaydc says:


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