What a Mess…

My husband and I were walking down the street this weekend when we noticed a Burger King bag tossed on the ground. The bag was opened and the paper contents, left over ketchup packages and the cup with a straw were tossed all over the sidewalk. I began to wonder, did someone drop it by mistake? Or was it tossed out the window with the words,  “Someone else can pick up my mess.”

I kept walking towards the bag fuming because regardless on how the bag got there, someone needed to pick it up; that someone should be us. What if, we did not want to pick up the mess? What if, we just walked by the mess and pretend it was not there? We did not make it, we should not have to pick it up…..that seemed reasonable, logical and no one would blame us…or would they?

It sees that no one takes charge of their own messes anymore. That the idea of leaving them for someone else to take care of has become main stream and acceptable. Taking charge and doing the right thing, even if it is hard, does not seem to be heroic anymore. My mind was spinning out of control when I heard…

“I will get it”,  my husband said as he bent over and started to collect the ketchup bags before our dog scoffed them down. “Not sure why someone would do this, it is not hard to find a can to put everything into but…” his voice trailed off as he picked everything up.

Some messes are easy to be picked up. They just take a little effort . I was proud of my husband, he took charge.  He made me feel like we had done something really good.

I think I saw it first but not sure, so I looked over and saw him looking at it too. The dirty diaper was right in front of us but we kept walking. Some messes can not be picked up.


3 Comments on “What a Mess…”

  1. ihcounsel says:

    So well stated! Have you ever noticed how it is always junk food wrappers and cigarette butts and such littering. I guess people who don’t care what they put in their bodies don’t care about polluting the earth. I am thankful we have people like you and your hubby in our world. As a military family you are well acquainted with the idea the the real adults in the world clean up not only their messes but other people’s messes as well- from trash to foreign policy. Keep up the good work- and the blogging. I look forward to following.

  2. I drew the line at the dirty diaper…no matter how nice and neatly it was folded and then place back on the ground!

  3. Maddie says:

    Love this! I cannot believe someone would just leave something there? How insanely irresponsible !!

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