Are You Really a…?

I am afraid that I am becoming one of those Military wives that just sit at home, eat and complain about how terrible everything has become.  I can hear a collective, “No, not you!”

But it’s true, I am finding myself sitting here and trolling the internet for stories and crying at odd ball articles that I find. Telling myself that I am, “doing research” when really all I am doing is trying to fill my time till he comes home. I used to work but no more because of the budget cuts. I know, work anywhere, but finding something on the German economy is not an easy task to do.  An excuse, maybe, but I must say I now have more sympathy for those who find themselves sitting around and wondering what to do. What do you do when you have too much time but nowhere to feel included?

Naturally, the television becomes your buddy, the couch becomes you napping station and the refrigerator becomes the closest friend you have by providing the comfort goodies for your soul. The cycle clearly needs to be stopped. So, cleaning your house becomes the next order of business. If you are relatively a neat person, that lasts about an hour…..then, what  do you do?

By now I have read about all sorts of different names given to Military wives that people reference and yeah, I too had names for some of them. But now I am not so sure it is really their fault that they are  what they are because I too have joined their ranks. I am not sure what “title” you could give me but I will admit it may be well deserved.








7 Comments on “Are You Really a…?”

  1. Rebeka says:

    Actually those patterns are easy to form. Its easy to lose your self in them and a few months later look back and go “oh my gosh what happened to me?”. The good thing about it though is because everyday you have a chance to break the cycle. So somedays you can fail and other days you will succeed but the important thing is no matter what you do is that you keep trying. 🙂
    I break my day up by doing yoga, or watching a movie, or the gym. Or just taking a walk after lunch :). small things add up :D.

  2. Jeannie says:

    Find a hobby you love!! I have a passion for paper crafting and can’t wait to set up my new studio here in Germany. I’m NOT a “creative” or “artsy-fartsy” person at all….I just have awesome tools, lol! I keep in touch with friends around the world through my blog and Skype too.

  3. Christina Vaughn says:

    Join the Spouses Club in Vilseck! We do so much, have a great time, fill our day with a variety of activities, events, trips, outings, and rarely have time to sit at home! In addition, Volunteering is such a great way to feel good about yourself by helping our kids and our Community!

  4. helen cole says:

    going to the gym helps the day go by for me

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