Who will Win?…


The other day I wanted to say something about how I felt about a particular topic and found myself hesitating. I  was contemplating what I was going to say. For the first time I  was giving serious thought to the words I wanted to share.  I argued in my head and felt the two sides of me debating, “How will they react to my words?”

I became my own referee and shouted out, “Enough, you can say what you want…it is your right.” But somehow the little one sitting on one of my shoulders just shook his head. Still holding his head he declared, “Are you sure? Think about all those who may not listen to you, read your stuff or start saying nasty things about you. What will you do then?” I stopped and thought.

On one hand I am glad for the voice inside me that makes me stop. It often keeps me from getting into the trouble I really do not want to have around me. But on the other hand when something strikes me with a passion and I feel compelled to scream it out to the world, that voice seems to silenced before it can even make it out of my head out of respect to those I may offend.

So, once again I feel drawn to ask, what is right and what is wrong? Should I really care what others think? Do I disregard their feelings for a moment of time? Or do I consider that I have the ability to influence others who may not have taken the time to research a situation and make their own mature decisions.

Nowadays  the lines are getting blurred and I, as the referee I am not sure. The two dudes sitting on my shoulders seemed to be arguing all the time now.   As the referee I can only blow the whistle and tell them to stop, enough is enough. We are smarter than this. Time to  respect each other and recognize differences.



One Comment on “Who will Win?…”

  1. helen cole says:

    so true but yet sometimes its good to :)voice your opinion guess like you said you have to decide if it is or it isnt good blog

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