About Time!

 How about a round of applause to this parent and give her a 2 thumbs up for posting this picture. It is time to start showing off those parenting skills that actually make a difference instead of  accepting her every tantrum.

It is time to put the foot down and stop saying that everyone gets a trophy and every child is entitled to an iPad, laptops, video games and endless social “things”.

Not everyone will support the parents in deciding to have their child hold the sign. That some how her rights to do what she wants are being violated. To all of you who think this is wrong, I say, “Really!” You need to think about who she will  be when she gets older if not shown what is not appropriate behavior.

Here’s the thing….parents NEED to start parenting and stop acting worse than their children. They need to stand up and parent. No one said having children is easy. Parenting means holding them accountable for their actions.  It  is hard work BUT if done with a loving heart and a firm hand, they might just grow up and actually do something that can change the world.

Do not give up on them….be a parent that cares about their future.

To you, the parents who posted this….THANK YOU.

Picture courtesy of :http://www.facebook.com/petflow




5 Comments on “About Time!”

  1. Fabulous – well done mum and dad!

  2. I wanted you to know that I have chosen you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You can see the details about your nomination on my blog Painfully Waiting. If you accept the award please note there are rules. ~Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post. ~Share 7 interesting things about yourself. ~Nominate 7 bloggers you admire. ~Leave a comment on each of the blog’s letting them know they have been nominated.

  3. Ray's Mom says:

    About time is so on target. It is time for parents to act like parents and not “friends” of their children. This photo is a keeper.

  4. ooooh, name and shame!!! That photo is gold.
    Hope I’m an inventive punisher when the time comes….this would be way more effective than simple grounding…

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