And the Award goes to….

It is once again 0500 am and the alarm, my husband, is gently waking me up to make a pot of coffee. As I stumble  out of bed and then down the stairs, I know he is putting on his PT‘s (gym clothes). It is way too early to be up but here, that’s the time you start your day.  I  usually do not look at Here’s the thing… till I have had a few cups of coffee but today I thought I would sip my first cup while browsing the internet.

That’s when I found that I had been nominated for this award, thank you to Painfully Waiting for the nomination.Painfully Waiting writes a wonderful blog that will not only inspire you but make you feel alive.  When you read you will be inspired by the strength of the posts and leaves you wanting to cheer her on in her journey.

I could not contain the large smile that  emerged across my face from reading the nomination. I have not felt so energized in a longtime. It makes me feel like I am making a difference by sharing my family experience while we serve our country.  As part of the acceptance of this award I need to tell you 7 things about myself so, here goes:

1) We have not been in the military our whole life. My husband felt compelled to rejoin after 9/11 and he did so after we had been living extremely comfortable in Florida.

2) Published my first book Madison & the Amazing Car during his first deployment to Korea. My daughter Madison helped me with the book and it made his first deployment easier to accept.

3) Thought the best way to handle my disappointment of being “budget cut”  from a government job that I really enjoyed but did not understand the politics of the position was to start blogging.

4) My love for coffee could be considered an addiction so, I often switch to tea.

5) I admire Military families for their resilience to a life that is not family friendly; seriously it is NOT an easy life.

6)  Owning a retail store with my husband so he can make cakes and I can sip coffee or tea while he makes wonderful treats is on the “to do ” list.

7)  I never imagined I would live overseas. It really opened my eyes to how lucky we,  Americans are. We truly are a blessed country.

When I sit down to write about experiences that I hope will bring laughter, thought or a smile to ones face I often cruise around the blogging world to gain inspiration from others. I have found some really interesting stories/blogs out there that make me feel like I am a part of their day for a short time. I am sure you will find them as inspirational as I have; here they are:

Original Piece

Since I have a teenager in the house this blog allows me to stay in touch with the younger side of me and makes being a Mom a whole heck of a lot easier. We somehow connect to each other as we view hot trends and new ideas.

Cathy’s Voice Now

I have found inspiration in her thoughts and postings. When I feel like I somehow have not made an impact, I read her blog and realize, I too have a voice. I salute her and am able to move on with my day; no matter time of day it is. Enjoy her postings and find your inspiration.

Beauty Still Remains

I love reading this blog as she helps give me another side of the Military. Her struggles in life have not slowed her down nor define her; for that, I admire her candor and straight forward posts. In reading I have found a new side of the military journey.

Tresors Deluxe

Ahhh, who does not like reading and looking at all things that seem to come from my favorite place…Paris. My daughter and I read and wonder how we can get back to our favorite place. I hope you too find it as breath-taking as we do. PS: We are secretly planning on going back to Paris.

Keeping Up with the Holsbys

What a treat to be able to read. I have found the writings to be well written and thought-provoking. I appreciate her ability to talk to me as the reader and enjoy her point of view on various topics. She takes me away from the box of my life and gives it a broader view.

Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast

I have enjoyed the pictures and stories from this blog. It brings me back to the States and a desire to travel around the beautiful country I so miss. I hope you enjoy the posts as much as I have and travel around the country, even if it is from your couch.

Bucketlist Publications

I have to say the name itself shows you that we all want to be crazy and adventurous…she not only talks about it, she does it. I found myself wanting to indulge in the many adventures I see here on this blog. As I get older, I realize that sometimes reading about them may be a better idea than doing them. I will confess this blog has made me develop my own bucket list…and today I will….

As I have been blessed by Painfully Waiting I hope that all of you accept this nomination and keep on with the journey and keep sharing it with all of us.

With much appreciation,

Here’s the thing….


One Comment on “And the Award goes to….”

  1. pofaydc says:

    Congratulations! How thrilling! I will definitely check out the blogs you love!

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