Tony Soprano sent Me….

I will confess, I am a Jersey girl at heart and love the Jersey Shore…no, not that Jersey Shore but if you travel a little further north and do not blink…you would be in my home town. There is a sense of calm being a no-nonsense Jersey girl but I will confess, as I get older I have mellowed out quite a bit.  Snooki had nothing on me in my former younger life. I prefer the Sopranos family though; it fits my personality better. I generally do not tell anyone that I am from Jersey but if the conversation comes up and I am asked what exit, I will state, “Exit 98 was home.”

With that said, I will admit the inner Soprano in me has mellowed considerably since becoming  a military spouse living in Germany.  I try very hard not to act out my Jersey ways in the military settings I find myself in during the journey of my day. But, there are times that I really wonder what the Sopranos would do if they were stuck in the situations I often come across. For example…..

Let’s talk deli food, more specifically, deli sandwiches. I am sure the crew of the Sopranos would not be in a line watching one person handle special orders from staving soldiers and civilians. That deli employee would be moving faster than lightning to make sure that those sandwiches were made and would do it with a big smile.  They would not stop making a sandwich half way done to clean up a mess caused by another employee who happens to be doing something else for an Inspector who decided to drop by during the busy lunch hour run.

I can almost see their faces, kind of  what mine looked like except the  big difference would be they would have been shouting, “What the f*** are you thinking. Make the sandwich and get me the f*** out of here!”  Oh, (deep sigh) I wish I had said that. But there I stood waiting, endlessly waiting for them to finish what they had started. The sandwich took over 20 minutes to be made.

Here, in the military, in the commissary, rushing a government worker is not a good idea.  But next time  I will tell them I am related to the Sopranos, from Jersey and get me the f***  my sandwich. Tony would be so proud, don’t ya think?


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