Do Not Disrespect the Civilian…

I need to make a confession, I was a civilian before I became a part of the Military community. When we made a family decision to “serve our Country” I will admit I had little knowledge of how other military “wives” viewed those who do not serve. It irritates me to no end and even horrifies me when I read other military blogs who say things such as this: (she is talking about a reunion with her husband at an airport)

   “While I could not be more thrilled to see my husband that much sooner, it kind of creeps me out that we will have our very public private moment surrounded by civilians who just don’t get it. People who gawk at men and women in uniform walking through airports. People who snap pictures of couples reuniting without a clue how precious that moment is for them. ”

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I am not sure if she realized that her words are  extremely disrespectful to civilians. I can only guess she must be very young and inexperienced to write such gibberish. Still, it is time to get off the pedestal and stop thinking that she is somehow entitled to a “special” reunion.

Here’s the thing….Be happy he came home!… Enjoy the moment regardless of where you become reunited! Do not be so self-absorbed. Just enjoy and embrace your moment. If others want to take pictures of you, cheer you on or smile in your direction, let them…Enough said.


10 Comments on “Do Not Disrespect the Civilian…”

  1. seasonedwife says:

    I dont know, I think she is entitled to her own feelings…. Not only that, she is right. Who are any of us to say that she can’t feel that being gawk at is awkward? It is awkward! And she makes a valid point I don’t know how many times my husband has been furious about someone taking his photo without permission let alone mine or our children. Those are precious moments and they aren’t supposed to be tweeted on someone else’s life or shared by people who don’t know who us, or turned into the next big meme… If you are complaining about how she worded it then fine, obviously her first amendment right must be revoked…
    But if you are trying to say her feelings have no validity you’d be wrong… Yes she used the C word to describe a large group of people surrounding her but you have to admit, civilians unless they were raised in or are really close to this situation (which when they are they are polite and don’t take pics or gawk) don’t understand what it is like and they never will. That doesn’t make her ungrateful if it is true. Sorry but I myself would be unhappy to be in her situation… My husband hates crowds and if people were staring it would kill the moment for him, me and our children.
    I get wear you were coming from but what she is describing and what you are trying to make it out to be… You just sound overly sensitive and are reaching for something that was “indirectly hinted too” at best. And then for that you call her young so double shame on you for putting a young girl through the wringer on the internet.

  2. Ashley says:

    Oh stop it with these posts. She was saying in fewer words that a homecoming in a public place like an airport and not on base where its common would be uncomfortable for her. I just read a post from this exact blog about judgement and how people shouldn’t do so, but yet here you are.
    There have been tons of posts about this exact blog, we get it. move on already. Yes, I recognize that she is a civilian and so does she – but her point is relevant to her situation and wanting what is going on (the homecoming) to be something a little more private in a public setting (having other homecomings happen at the same time as hers @ a base/post … etc)
    I think you’re taking what she is writing out of the format of context that she means it in, and taking advantage for your own reasons to post it all over the internet to try and advertise about how military wives think they’re entitled.
    People (civilians as ‘she says’) don’t get it when there is a homecoming, but then again all civilians aren’t entitled to knowing what this lifestyle can sometimes be about, some (most) do.
    People do sometimes gawk (I sure as heck would, and I’ve experienced it.) and take pictures, I’ve been to a homecoming (of many) at an airport where nearly every civilian stopped and gawked at those coming off of the plane. I didn’t find it inappropriate, I think its kind of awe-inspiring,
    Give her a break and stop picking on her because shes the choice meat of the week and you have nothing to talk about.
    She recognized in her blog that she sees her insensitivity in her phrasing of what she wrote, and has bowed to this, so let up already.

  3. Kitteh says:

    You are still a civilian.
    But still, my favorite homecoming yet was at a huge airport, surrounded by civilians who showed up just to welcome our soldiers home.

  4. helen cole says:

    very well said lisa i agree just enjoy the moment who cares who is around i mean actual civilians get deployed also they have no awesome welcome home when they get back she should just be thanful that he is coming home

    • justme143 says:

      Thanks…drives me crazy when I here stuff like this!

    • seasonedwife says:

      Wow… so if I went to your house and starred in your window all day you wouldn’t be offended right? Because I’m just gawking and you should just go on enjoying your day, in fact you should just be sooooo happy to just be in your house, right? That’s what your saying? No it is RUDE behavior, you want to talk about disrespect to civilians, umm hello when was gawking consider respectful or taking picture of strangers…
      My husband hates this stuff, in fact the last time we had a “public” home coming I had to stop him from trying to assault a man who snapped some photos of me and my daughter. This is only a problem for wives against other wives and it needs to stop! I can assure you after 36-48 hours of straight travel any solider doesn’t want to be a show pony, they want to see their family, get their gear and go home to sleep. How do I know this, many many years of experience and gee, I asked the actual members of the military, not their pompous overly critical wives.

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