Watching Army Wives….

I enjoy watching this show. I enjoy being a critic; analyzing and seeing if it really depicts the Army life. I giggle at some of the story line, shake my head and secretly wish they would emphasize more of the true reality.

Foolishly, I had turned to this forum to give me some idea of what living in the military would be like, would there be sincere friendships or back stabbing snobby from those pretending to care?

What I have learned is there is both. This show even with its typical stereotype characters does accomplish the stupidity that runs in the ranks of the military. It shows how the military runs by pressuring wives to be nothing more than tools to further the career of their husbands and how wives back stab and maneuver their power by using their husbands rank.

Drama sells, being in other people’s business makes those living it realize that they are not alone. Some learn to justify their own actions from watching those playing “characters”  Some seek solutions to their own problems by watching characters of a show solve their concerns.

But…..Here’s the thing….Promoting poor behavior like “pushy rank seeking wives” does not promote camaraderie. Even if this behavior  does happen, they should be promoting healthier relations. A trend away from the political drama stances would benefit the show as well. As in this last episode, a little more about how the financially strapped family got help would far better assist a viewer who may in the same situation than watching about the Don’t ask, Don’t tell politics.

If they should be showing anything, it should be the lack of physical fitness . Most military spouses are extremely overweight and in need of a healthy diet. Stress runs high in the military family and coping with this truly should be emphasized.

The show is entertaining to watch. Hopefully these others topics will rise to the surface to provide those who are true die-hard fans the tools they need to be more whole in their military life experience. Then again…it is only TV.









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