Please Make it Stop!

It has become apparent that there seems to be a lack of self-discipline/respect lately. It seems as if everyone is scrambling to find the latest way to brag, steal, judge and destroy all that is simple, respectful and responsible. Could we blame it on, poor upbringing, bad genes, lack of education or just plain old stupidity?  Maybe it is the fault of the school system or …gasp…poor parenting?

I am not sure but I can assure you, that finding someone, anyone who has been properly trained in the essence of  etiquette, is  far and few between. I am not talking about socialites, I am referring to everyday people who one encounters that do not seem to understand basic courtesies.

I am sure someone out there is saying, “What gives you the right to judge what I do?”  Because for better or worse, you represent me too. You are out there spewing your crazy stupid God only knows what and the rest of us suffer. It can be overlooked BUT when you start crying out the, “It was not  my fault or that was not me”  crap you are in essence saying you’re an idiot. There is no way around that. You do everything you can to blame it on someone else but truly you are the only one to blame.

So…stop it. Plain and simple. Stop doing stupid things and admit that you need to learn how to behave in a public setting. Take your time getting dressed in the morning, brush your teeth, clean your house, clothes, and car regularly. And for Pete’s sake, stop blaming everyone else for your poor decisions. Really no one made you put those clothes on. You did and frankly,  someone should have had the decency to tell you not to. They would have said something if they knew that you were not going to blast them in social media.

See, when one learns manners they also learn to tell others what they really should not be wearing thus sparing the rest of us from witnessing a true disaster. It also assists in avoiding the embarrassment that can occur when society really can not handle seeing you in a bad way.

So…maybe it is time to stop and think about what you are wearing, saying and doing when you are out in public. Maybe then there would not be so many social media sites dedicated to your lack of manners. You are not in the position to be upset or mad when they bring it to your attention.

Just do the right thing…THANK THEM and never, EVER do it again.


6 Comments on “Please Make it Stop!”

  1. Ray's Mom says:

    All manner of discipline, values, courtesy, trust, morals and yes table manners, how to address each other, especially adults is NEVER taught in the home or school. Without those basic skills it is difficult to go out into the workplace and expect to be hired without basic social skills.

    Even puppies are taught behavior and most responsible doggie parents socialize their pets…why not children?

  2. ankoku1331 says:

    I have been espousing a return to civics lessons and classes as a mandatory part of education at all levels for a long time. Since people are not learning how to be nice from the people around them, perhaps they should be taught for a passing grade, “Yes, it’s great that you are smart/athletic/etc, but your not nice and for that reason you are being held behind a grade.”

  3. Tutu says:

    As always, “right on the mark”.

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