I was asked, “What is the one thing that is important to learn while being in the Military.”

I confidently stated, “Learn to count.”

You can learn how to do everything else but counting is really important and is a mandatory action for everyone. Most times counting starts with counting to ten. It allows you to refocus your thoughts, review the situation you are in  and then allows you to respond in a manner that is measured. Your breathing has the opportunity to go back to normal and your stress level  mellows with each number. It does not matter where you practice counting. It can be at the vehicle registration office, in your car, at the commissary, or even at the PX.

The counting to ten group is a large group and joining it can be a daily thing. But there is a larger group of people who are counting. They are the ones counting the days, months, or years that they will return to a place they consider to be better than the one they are currently living. This group includes all those who are counting down the days for a deployment to be over, changing their duty station (PCS) or plain old leaving the Military (ETS).

So, counting is the most important thing to learn.

All learn it …

Eventually do it..

51 weeks and a wake up.


2 Comments on “1…2…3…”

  1. KPorts says:

    So true and a great reminder

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