Do We Really Need a List?

About a month ago I started noticing that the school supply section in the store was being put together. It was looking great and man, who doesn’t like a new set of pencils, pens and colored crayons to give to their children for the upcoming new school year.

I started to get upset for a moment as I remembered how one year I had followed that school supply list to the letter. I got my daughter the best pens, folders, notebooks and yes, even fancy aloe tissues, four boxes because it was cheaper to buy them in bulk. I was proud I put everything into my daughter’s backpack and sent her off to school. I felt like I had given her the best of the best. This school year was going to be great.

I was so excited to see her when she came home from that first day and when I did see her, I asked, “How was your day?” She told me that all the nice pens, folders and notebooks had been all gathered together and redistributed back out to the students. She shook her head and said, ” That’s okay, I do not mind, but can you go and re-buy me those pretty notebooks, folders and pens you put in my bag this morning as I no longer have them as my own?”

Here’s the Thing…those items were for my daughter to use. Never were they suppose to be gathered together and redistributed to other students. She was to be the one who was to benefit from choices we made when going over the school supply list. When I spoke to the Teacher I was informed that, “No, the supplies are gathered then given out to the students on a need basis.” After a short discussion, I gathered all the supplies that I had bought and returned the other items back the Teacher.

Redistribution at its best. My daughter was smiling once again.

That was the last time I ever really followed the school supply list. This year will be no different.




4 Comments on “Do We Really Need a List?”

  1. pofaydc says:

    I followed your advice. I sent a binder, about 40 sheets of paper, old pencils from last year (there were none for sale in the PX), a new box of crayons, and a single-serve tissue pack (free from the apotheke!) for my allergy-ridden little boy to keep in his pocket. The only thing they’ve requested so far? 2 Highlighters. I feel so free! And, honestly, everyone likes me a lot better when I’m not stressed out from following a list to-the-letter! 😉

  2. beautystillremains says:

    I have never heard of a teacher doing that! I would be so upset (even at my age).

    • justme143 says:

      This happened and yes, I was very upset. I did get all the stuff back for her but now, I wait and see what she really needs. Tissues, I always throw in a box for the room.

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