When the Frig gets Old

The refrigerator door handle broke. Yep, it came right off  and I was thinking, “Hooray, now we can get a new frig!”  Our refrigerator is old, very old BUT as I was reminded  by my husband it is running fine.

Like all of our appliances the frig has a government sticker on it displaying the type, year and DO NOT Remove government property.  While adjusting my glasses, I tried reading the blurred writing on the label and barely made out the year. When I finally did, it read it has been here since 1980. That is a longtime.

Time has a way of wearing things down and though this refrigerator is running fine it does run rough. The handle that fell off was rusty and the pieces somehow would need to be glued back to the metal surface of the frig. I knew the handle would eventually fall off  because every time you opened the frig, it would wiggle more and more. This refrigerator definitely had character.

This got me thinking, a lot of people have been in and out of its doors. This frig has stored meals,  provided a place for holiday cookies, cakes and I will bet a few turkeys and Christmas roasts. I can even imagine a few ice packs been pulled out from its freezer to take care of a bruise or two. Maybe a new refrigerator would not be such a good idea after all.  This one may just need a little bit of fixing.

When Housing came they took the handle and told me they would see if they could repair it, see if there were parts for it. He did say that, ” This one may not have anymore parts available. We may need to get you a new one”  He told me he would be back in the morning. I told him I hope he can find a way to “fix” the handle and let me keep the refrigerator and all its uniqueness.

After all it is still running fine.


2 Comments on “When the Frig gets Old”

  1. Love this! If only our fridges could talk, eh?

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