Way too much Drama…


Drama seems to be a normal part of living in the military. I would venture to say that all of you are nodding your head and can think of a story or two that was pure drama.  I am not a career military person and  this drama full atmosphere can draw you in just like a bad movie. But I ask, “How can it be stopped?”

I ponder about it but nothing seems to come to mind. It appears that drama has a way of making life …be life.

I may look at one thing as just an event but you or someone else will look at it totally different. Your face gets all twisted and you start yelling about how “wrong” something is. I may look at you like you are off your rocker. You get people on your side and before I know it I am getting my own group together.  Like a bad version of  West Side Story we are dancing around taking jabs at one another. All that seems to be missing is the music.

Here’s the Thing….Quit It! Respect each other and realize that it is our differences that makes it all work out. The fact that you approach something one way and I another allows for the diversity of our personalities to make it work together.  I may not completely agree with you and you to me but we make it work. We respect the differences and embrace the thought that not everyone is going to see things the same way. If needed, agree to disagree.

So…make it a no more drama zone …. can you do that?







6 Comments on “Way too much Drama…”

  1. juliedunbar25@comcast.net says:

    Lisa,  As always you have said “Lets agree to disagre”  This is well written and true.  Good girl!!  I will not blog but I hope this gets an award too!!  xo me

    • justme143 says:

      Thanks for the comment..always good to agree to disagree…some people just need to understand that is an option and not keep trying to move someone to their ideas. Smiles

  2. Christina says:

    Amen Sister! I concur. Life is too short to be in the middle of it or a part of it.

  3. KPorts says:

    I hear that! I wish people shower more courtesy and respect.

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