Truth or Bubble Gum?…

To the person who said:

It is not that hard to have a Soldier Deployed.

Yes it is! It SUCKS!

You have no idea and in a way that is okay. You are lucky to not have to deal with the overwhelming wave of uncertainty that follows you around like a thunder-cloud that will not go away.

You are not thrown into the unknown when that news story becomes “breaking news” and comes from the same place your loved one is residing and protecting. To boot, you are trying to remember when you spoke last and if you will get a call soon so you know they are okay.

Your day does not start with wondering if someone will come knocking on your door and tell you they are hurt or worse, dead.

You can go ahead and just know that the world is being taken care of by those who go out there and actually walk among the bad guys and attempt to make things better.

So, when you are complaining about how bad you have it, know that there are those around the world who are taking care of your selfish behavior and yes, dying for it too.

Not the reaction you were looking for? Well maybe next time you need to stop and think about what you are saying and decide if you want  a true answer or a bubble gum one.

Here’s the Thing….you mean well but your statement can be answered in many ways and often times it is glazed over and filled with positive, flowery comments.

You are not going to get that here.

It is no fun.

Deep down inside most would agree.


One Comment on “Truth or Bubble Gum?…”

  1. pofaydc says:

    I tend to avoid the news during deployments.

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