The Marking of Time…

It is amazing how fast time goes by. It has been quite a long time since I sat down and wrote about what has been going on with our experience here in Germany. Each day seems to be moving along very slowly. When I thought about if I had written, it surprised me to see how long it has been since I had been here last.

Time has a way of warping itself to make one believe that it is either passing quickly or slow. Even still, we are now starting to count the days till we are back in the good ol United States.

This past week I was even asked, “How much time do you have left?”

The question made me twist my face, hunch my shoulders and put my hands in the air because, I really have no idea. I am not sure if the Military will come along later after typing this and say, “You are leaving in a month” or if some emergency (Red Cross message) will send me homeward. There is no way of knowing.

Each day is full of uncertain changes that may occur and even the best planner of a day can be derailed by a single moment. Days turn to weeks and weeks turn into months and time just keeps on ticking.

Counting days or hours never seemed to be a part of my daily activities when I was not in the military. Deadlines would come and go but it never seemed to hold the weight of military living where huge adjustments to family life seem to be looming daily.  That carefree spirit that possessed my soul seems to have learned how to conform to the structured bureaucratic style of military life.

But, behold, time will change that and that in itself is wonderful.


One Comment on “The Marking of Time…”

  1. says:

    This is another good one too!

    Frankly,  I wish the military would decide to send you home by Christmas.  Would that not be fun?!

    Keep up the good writing.  xo me

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