Rationed Gas…

The other day I read this post, “Could we please get gas for under $3.20?”  I realized that the question was an innocent one, one that was full of exasperation as gas prices are extremely high. Though my response to the post was probably not exactly what the person asking the question may have been referring to.  If you want to to get gas Overseas at United States prices and you are in the Military, you are rationed it or pay double the price; the economy price.

Rationed gas? Really, you ask. Yes, it surprised me too when I first landed overseas but now it is an everyday realization that if you want to get gas your option is to go to the military installation gas station and fill up. There is only one station and the price, is the price. No options, no competing stations, no specials. You get what they have at the price they post and that is it. Period. Another option is to go to designated gas stations that accepts your ration card and not all gas stations accept the rations card.

When you get your gas and pay for it you need to present your card that has your rations for the vehicle predetermined on it and it will calculate how much  gas you have left for the rest of the month.  Your predetermined amount is granted to you when you register your vehicle and is calculated by an average monthly usage for the type of vehicle you own.

If you go over the rationed amount you pay what everyone else does on the economy and that price is usually double. Sounds fair, right?

I am not so sure but Here’s the thing, Americans love their big SUV‘s. I love mine as it carries everything. Over here, we have stopped using it as much as we did in the States and have taken up a more conservative view on gas intake. Using public transportation when we need to, think twice before we travel somewhere and make many stops along the way and even have bought a more cost conservative vehicle that gets great mileage.  So, in one way by being “forced” to think about my gas consumption has made me more aware of how much I use.

On the other hand, I miss the freedom that I had to “shop around”  to various gas stations and use my vehicle as I wish and not have to worry about how much it will cost me.  I miss the days of taking long drives to where ever. That freedom seems to have been taken away and admittedly I miss it.

I am not sure if it is because I am locked to a certain rationed gas amount or that I enjoyed the freedom of doing what I wanted, when I wanted without the concern of how much gas I used.

Then again, with gas at $3.20 or more in some States, I may be more compelled to think before I hit the “freedom of the road.”


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