A Trip to the Deli…

So, I went to the commissary / grocery store yesterday to get a few things.  Feeling a bit upset about the election, I decided to get a  couple of sandwiches to “lift” my spirits.  So, I went to the  deli counter  and I noticed everyone was in the backroom.

I shouted out, “Excuse me, I would like a couple of sandwiches.”

They yelled back, “We do not make sandwiches till 10 o’clock.”

I looked at the clock  behind the counter and it read 2 minutes after 10.

I yelled back, “The clock says it is after 10.”

One worker came out from the back room, extremely frustrated that I interrupted his conversation and yells at me, “Not till 10 lady! Sandwiches are not made till then.”

I point to the clock on the wall , “But your clock says it is after 10.”

He took down the clock and mumbles, “Its battery operated.”

And proceeded to change the time to 5 of 10.

“See, it is 5 minutes to 10, we do not make sandwiches till 10!”  He walked away shaking his head.

I am left standing there. Mind you, I still want a sandwich, nothing seems to have changed except the time.

I guess when you are the only game in town it is okay to behave in such a matter and customer service does not need to be a concern of yours. I mean really, who is going to fire you? You are a government employee who has the right to work as fast or slow as you want. No one needs to tell you that you are being rude. Why care, the government will provide.

In some ways his actions made me think about the election. He no longer has to work for me. The government will keep him employed and give him the benefits that he needs in order to continue living.  As a society we are heading in this direction, people like me are just an interruption in his day.

As I was pondering these thoughts another employee decided to step in and asked me what sandwiches I wanted. I looked at him with hope and smiled.

“Oh, thank you, I appreciate you helping me. I would like…”and I completed the order.

Maybe all hope is not lost.

Maybe he is just a new government worker.

Maybe …..he voted for Romney.


6 Comments on “A Trip to the Deli…”

  1. Nancy says:

    How well someone does their job has nothing to do with who they voted for, if they voted at all. I

  2. MC says:

    I used to work retail before I got into visual merchandising and it pisses me off every time there’s bad customer service or no customer service. If PX and Commissary were privately owned things would be very very different

  3. Army Amy says:

    Or maybe the first employee was offended by the tone of your voice? I see what you are saying, but I’ve had crappy service from people who aren’t government employees, so I can’t make the correlation that government employee = lazy. We are all fighting our own battles. A little more patience from the employees and from you and everyone would have had a better day.*

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