For the Love of Turkey?…

Here in Germany we have not seen the sun for days, the leaves are all over the ground and the feel of pending snow fills the air.  The news online screams of protests towards Wal-Mart, early Thanksgiving sales and Black Friday deals I really should not miss.

I tried to explain to a German women about the history of Thanksgiving and somehow it felt very far away and lost among the hysterical behavior of those in the news. I began thinking and wondering, “What in the world was going on in the United States?” Did the Pilgrims realize that this is what would become of the holiday?

We will celebrate Thanksgiving here and the PX will of course be open early Friday morning to crazed shoppers trying to get their “specials” and the parking lot at the PX will be full with cars. Music will be  blasting songs of good tidings  and the kids will be screaming to see Santa at extra volumes of loud. There will be pushy parents screaming and shoving to get that perfect picture of their kids on Santa’s lap; the American tradition lives on.

I plan on enjoying leftover turkey, music, a glass of wine and shopping online….how about you?


7 Comments on “For the Love of Turkey?…”

  1. Christine says:

    first year back in the states ..Target and Walmart here I come !! enjoy your wine , I would rather have a shopping headache 🙂

  2. Ray's Mom says:

    having spent many years dealing with the public, I will join you and turkey leftovers at home. Enjoyed the post.

  3. Cathe says:

    I will be the anti shopper on Friday. I always am. As far as Walmart goes… couldn’t get me near one with a 10 foot pole even if I was home. Enjoy your wine. I’ll be doing the same at some point. lol

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