Pardon the interruption…

Lately it feels like there are a few too many things going on.

I guess you could say there have been too many interruptions and not enough closure on things I think are important.

Here are a few things I hope will end soon.

1) The election. I really hope that it ends soon. I, like I think most of you, want to just be done with this election as it feels like it has been going on forever. Just put someone in office and let’s deal with what will happen next!

2) Wondering about where we will be living in a few months. I guess that one will take a few more months to decide where we will be landing once home in the US.


3) Will my sister call me. Ever since Hurricane Sandy she has been without power and no power means no phone lines. I know she is okay because she has spoken to other family members but not me….makes me wonder  .

So, with these things on my mind along with the other important things like, will there be a turkey at the Commissary for me to buy I have not been able to think clearly and without interruption.

Now  I hope with  a new week on hand, those interruptions will start to go away and time will be easier to manage…then again…the big decision to decorate or not for the Holidays seems to be creeping into my mind.

Excuse me, I need to….