Back in High School….

It is amazing how one single action of putting a posting on a Face book page of an entertainer/ military group could create such an outcry of nasty comments. In some ways it did not surprise me. I knew that if I returned to this one particular page that there would be a few individuals who would find it offensive that I would even consider putting it on the page.

I enjoy reading the page, it can provide a little bit of levity in a way of life that is often filled with extremes. Many people I know actually are quite surprise that I like the page and defend it. What I find interesting is how people comment on the page. The comments from individuals who do not even know me makes me wonder what is the purpose of the nasty comments?

When I was reviewing their bombardment of nastiness, I was actually getting mad at them and wanting to defend myself; which only started to add fuel to a fire I really had no intention of even participating in.  They came from all corners like a pack of dogs circling a new-found prey.  To reason with them seemed to not work. To leave them to say what they wanted and not defend myself seemed like I was somehow accepting the defeat of a group of leather jacket thugs in the hall way of a high school.

A friend of mine who reads this blog came to my defense, thank you. Unfolding before me was a  scene from any high school movie. To me this seemed ridiculous. Reason needed to prevail before we were all fighting…cue music.

To the naysayers, thank you….Stop music…walk away.


4 Comments on “Back in High School….”

  1. HorseTeef says:

    Reading those comments makes me feel embarrassed for those people. We get it, you are winning facebook. And I surely am not going to take any guff from a horse. Holy horse teef on one of those women (I’m not going to say who). Neigh!!

  2. Being June says:

    Good for you. It’s hard to rise above. Your words got me thinking about high school…I wouldn’t go back if you paid me lol!

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