Where should we go?…Just go HOME!

My absence from writing comes from how much time and energy I have been spending on trying to figure out our exist from the military world. Yep, we are heading home and my time here in Germany seems to be coming to a close.   But not only is our time-serving our Country coming to a close but we are leaving the military life to go home to the “real world”. On one hand I am very sad to be leaving but on the other hand I am excited to be “going home” to a world I knew before we started this adventure.

Home, now that is a question I really can not answer, Where is home? Each time I hear the question from someone I am not sure how to answer. We have moved so many times over  the years that I am not sure what to say. I guess, I could say that the United States is my home. Though that seems a bit too cliché. I guess home is where the heart is but that too seems a bit predictable and I can already see your eyes rolling. We have been asking the question over and over again, where should we call home?

Naples, Florida, now that would be a perfect home after all these years of clouds, rain, fog, a little sun, despite what Fox News think about Germany, the sun rarely comes out. Naples would be nice but I am not sure that we want to be among the retired people as that is who lives there. I mean, most are playing golf and swimming in their private pools.  I think we will need something a little bit more exciting but I must confess, feeling the sun upon my face would feel fantastic. I just know that I will not want to work and to the best of my knowledge I need to work.

Maybe we should go to New England. Yes, now that would be fun since they have the New England Patriots, Boston and  the Red Soxs! New England has a lot to offer us. It seems that would be a good place to go. But….I complain so much about the snow, the cold, and  fog. I love the four seasons and the ocean. Naples or New England, which do we choose?

We have not been home to the United States in 3 plus years and the only news we get from home is from the news; good and the bad. I am so wanting to go home to a place that we left and pick up where we left off but that is not the way it will be; I know it can not be that way. We have all grown up and as much I want that feeling we had when we left I am convinced that too much as changed for it to be the same.

So, really, how does one define home? Maybe it is not a place that is on the map like Florida or New England but  space that one occupies and tries to make better not only for themselves but for those around them.

So, to say the least  the thought of where to live and going home has caused complicated thoughts that leave me wondering ….does it really matter just as long as I can read the signs, speak my mind and be able to live the way I want to live?

No matter how cliché it may be…the United States is my home.

See ya real soon!


6 Comments on “Where should we go?…Just go HOME!”

  1. I’ve been looking over your articles and enjoying the window into your experiences. I used to move to wherever the work was, but when I chose to move to the Pac. NW I tried to make more of a conscious plan and make a smart choice. If you do know a specific town you want to move to, first make sure you or hubby are qualified (or can become qualified) in a profession that’s in-demand there. Otherwise you must commute for work, and most reach a point where they hate doing that. Good luck!

  2. Ray's Mom says:

    Eventually we all go ‘home’ to be close to family, relatives and places important to you. There are places that are nice to visit, but home is where you will find support, unqualified acceptance, and love. God bless you as you make the transition to civilian life

  3. teampourdieu says:

    I think you should stay til July when the sun finally comes back out here! STAYYYY!

  4. Florida is not bad…although little chilly today just about 70F 🙂

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