We all have been here…

Being June

inner voiceWith the advent of chain emails and the Photoshop-fancy memes that wallpaper Facebook, I scarcely notice quotes anymore. Then I came across this:

“The way we talk to our children will become their inner voice.”

The words soaked through my skin and saw me, flaws and all. I sat down, stunned, and began to review the film of my children’s lives.

All of us parents like to think these eleven words don’t apply to us. It’s for the authoritarian parents, the anger-management candidates. Some parents should really take these words to heart, but me?  I’m doing well enough.

I thought of last Monday morning, when my son almost missed the bus.

“Come ON!” I hollered.

“I’m looking for my homework, mom!”

“Why isn’t it in your backpack where it belongs?! Hurry up! I can SEE THE BUS!”

Silence. Then, quietly, “I can’t find it, mom.”

I sprinted down the hall…

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