Where does the time go….

9e2ad417-f380-3773-845e-fbe6d463d0d0[1]Today is way too hot to be doing anything but reflect on how time goes by way too fast. I have tried to sit down and write about our new time back in the States but somehow something always pulls me away before I can post what I have written. Guess what, I have a lot of drafts to finish.

So, I thought that since the heat has caused me to stay inside I would try to post something here.

Many people have recently asked me, ” How does it feel to be back in the United States?”

My response varies considerably depending on the day. Some days I am thrilled to be Home while others, usually after being flipped off by some angry driver, I wish I had stayed in Europe.

Today was one of those days. It is way too hot to be yelling at someone when driving. Okay, maybe I was going the speed limit and you were in a hurry to get to God knows where and you were more important than following the road speed.

Then again, maybe you were trying to get to the hospital because someone there was sent there by ambulance because they had an accident on the very road you were flipping me off on.

Okay, maybe I am glad to be Home in the States because here, we have the freedom to be truly who we are….God Bless the USA.


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