On this day…Valentines Day

cupid[1]The New Year has brought so much change. Over the last year Cupid’s arrow seemed to stray away from the foundation of a long-term relationship. Just like the crazy course we had taken, his arrow seemed to have missed its mark, splintered under the stresses that life brings. It is not that he is to blame. Maybe, he too, was lost with all the changes that had been made. Another thought, could be that the roads that were traveled did not allow for him to find us amongst the road blocks and detours. It could be that Cupid did not have a GPS.

Blame it on Cupid could be easy. To blame someone would be a great way to finger point. Cupid knew what was going on. Enough said on that…..

To remember a loved one, to reminisce about the good times could lead to depression on this day. BUT it also can allow for the birth of a new love. Cupid will always find a way to shoot his arrow and all you need to do is be open to its placement on your heart.

So, on this day when many are upset that they do not have a “loved one” to share the day with may in someway be missing out. Just take a moment and walk with me on this thought, love comes in many ways. The smile you give to an older women, the gesture of, go ahead of me in line or maybe it is as simple as saying thank you to the person who helped you today. Being nice, giving a hug, smiling at someone or just plain old being nice can lift the spirit of most anyone.

So…on this day. Valentines day. Let Cupid do his work, marvel in his ability to shoot arrows and know that he will always find you.


4 Comments on “On this day…Valentines Day”

  1. Yeah, great post! Feel that!!

    Here’s a thought …

    Maybe sometimes Cupid takes us on a journey we have to experience as an individual first so that healing can be done as a couple later. We have to fix ourselves first! No one else is going to do it!! But then, we have the capacity to deal effectively with those relationships that are important and in pieces.

    I don’t know, really…. It’s just a thought… Or it could have just been a bad chicken sandwich…

  2. Julie Dunbar says:

    Nice, special thoughts Lee!
    As always, well written.

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