That Really Hurt….

Ball_Head_1[1]I am not sure about you, but sometimes life sucks.

It throws curve balls that you really do not see coming. You think you have it all together and things are wonderful but somehow…just somehow, this ball comes out of no where and wallops you in the head. Dazed and confused, you stagger back  and wonder, “What the hell just happened.”

In the ruins of your former self you discover that the only thing that has changed from this devastating blow ….is you.

You can cry, be angry or just accept that things will never be the same again and somehow you will find your way back to something that resembles your former self. It can be argued that you needed that change and you were not willing to make it… so…life just made you go thru it. Other times, you may feel that the change is needed and well, you let it happen. Regardless of how, you are not going to be able to go back and try to live the way you formerly did.

You are going to have to accept, move on and just trudge thru the days to somehow find that middle happy ground that lies between the new normal and the old one.

Songs have been written about this and frankly…as I use to sing those songs, I always felt bad for the person who was going thru such a tragic event…never thinking that one day, it would be me. I am glad now that I at least have those songs to guide me thru the lessons learned by others; I have some grounding as oppose to wandering around in the dark hitting walls.

It is truly in your darkest days  you can find new life, new normal and new thoughts of appreciation to help you along with the days to come. An enlightenment of sorts can make you realize that though you think it is the end of the world, you actually have found a world that was always right there in front of you but you never wanted to see. Maybe you were afraid of it, maybe you did not want to work for it…maybe…just maybe…you were scared of it.

Life can suck at times…it blindsides you  and makes you dazed and confused.. that is life.

So…take the life hit and say, “That really hurt.”

Umm…yeah…but you are living.