Been a While….

It is a known fact that times change, nothing stays the same. Pointing out the obvious is not my intent here; my intent is to share how quickly things can creep up on you.

I have been purposefully ignoring writing. It has taken a lot to not just sit down and start writing about one thing or another. I guess I am trying to think before I actually hit submit. Many times I have wanted to just “go off” and say what I think but then I am reminded of oh, so many people who have done that and regret it in the end.

Here’s the Thing…things can change and it is okay that they do.

I do not know but after being married for 25 years I guess I never thought that I would be getting….gasp… divorced.

Yep, I am and I am okay with it; so is my significant other.

Here is where I have to tell my Mom who reads every blog, that it is okay…Yes, mom, I am okay.

Why write about it, why not? It is okay to go separate ways. Do I blame anyone? No, I really don’t except for, maybe a little… 

Is Maddie okay? She is a typical teenager who seems to worry more about the halo over her teenage head than what has happened, thank goodness for that, as she is a great kid who needs not worry or be worried about the adult life circling around her. I will say military life had prepared her for the separation of her parents so…Go Army on that.

Did the Army do this to you? Well, in many ways the Army did not help, it made life significantly worse and yes, in some ways if I were to blame anyone or anything it is easy to say that the military life did not help. It did not help that when I was working overseas that the job I had with the government was not as sympathetic to the needs of my family. Again, another blog that will come later. The Army life is not for everyone and it certainly was not for us. I am very proud that we served, but do hold anger towards the very thing I have pride for, again for another time.

Serving my country was not suppose to be this hard but is was and the battle ground that was being fought that none of us thought about was the one right here at home, among ourselves.

When you think about it, very few give credit to those who are part of the 1% who lay it on the line; they put everything on the line for country. When I hear about entitlements, I support the troops, or a reporter who is evaluating the value of the troops makes me cringe.

There is no true understanding to the sacrifice that military families make for this country.

But Maddie puts it back into perspective each time she goes to the movies and asks,

“Do you take military discounts?” 

Kid behind the counter, “No, we are trying to get away from doing that.”

Placing her $15.00 on the counter, “No problem, my dad will fight for you anyway.”

Enough said.