What in Fact Happened Out There…

It seems as if the impossible has happened. Everyone is still in shock…the fact that the Patriots won the Super Bowl is just down right epic.

It seems as if there is no explanation from anybody about how or why the pass play was called …it really made no sense..unless your a Patriots fan, player… I will say Pete Carroll does shoulder the responsibility, all of it. It was in fact, his call….or was it?….

Like a detective trying to determine the case of a murder, Sea Hawks fans, players and coaches are trying to figure out what in fact happened…. And then a light bulb goes on, that the call for the play was NOT from a Sea Hawks coach but from a Patriot coach, yeah.. a coach got into the microphone/ headphones, called the play and Carroll approved the play and well…

That’s what happened and now …we have “soundgate”…another scandal to show that the Patriots knew all along that it would come down to this one play and Belichick orchestrated the whole thing. Ya know, because he is the one who knows everything BEFORE it happens. I can see the detective slapping his notebook, smiling, like a Fox because it is all figured out.

It is decided that announcements need to be made, we need to get out on prime time and expose this conspiracy, we need experts to determine where all the coaches were during the game, who went to the bathroom and …..”soundgate” is very important and everyone needs to know about it.

Then on the other hand maybe just maybe….the Butler did it.