When the Mind Wonders…

It is amazing what happens when there is nothing to do…I mean, absolutely, nothing to do. You have already cleaned, washed folded and cooked. The clock seems to tick along but somehow it does not tick fast enough to keep up with the fury of your tasks. Now, you are all done…with nothing, simply nothing, else to do.

Many would be saying, ” You kidding me? I would DIE to feel that way, to have nothing left to do.”

Me, I just sit and wonder, wonder why I ran around like a total crazy lady only to find myself sitting here, out of breath and nothing else to do.

I take a sip of the coffee I have brewed and curl up in my brown leather chair. I  start to ponder about all the things I should be doing. What did I miss? Did I get everything did I… I sip my coffee and my mind tries desperately to rest.

The afternoon sun is peeking through the ivory lace curtains and the soft glow catches my eye. It causes me to focus and I look around my very empty house. Empty in many ways, furniture, people, and unfortunately no more dog. I sip my coffee again. Was I ever going to buy that rug I wanted for the dining room? I shake my head, Nah, too expensive…How about the picture for the fireplace? I sip my coffee again, Nah, too expensive …Maybe…

Nah..too expensive…it is all too expensive.

Then I remember that I need to pay some bills…the mind keeps going and onward I go.




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