Make It Stop…

I am not sure about you BUT I have noticed that there are many people, lately that I talk to, that are really interested in having the elections over. I know, they are not ever really over. All that will happen is we will have a new chapter in our history. Though at this point, all I would like is to be able to have it done.

It seems to have changed so much already, for example, I was walking down the street the other day and another woman almost ran into me. I simply moved over on the sidewalk and let her go by, it seems as if she was more of a hurry than me. I just let her take stride and walk briskly by. She did start to slow down and we did have a short conversation. We said hello and then proceeded to say how stressed each of us were, “Ya know, with the election and all.” It surprised me that the two of us immediately knew what the other women was saying. I smiled and held my head slightly down so to express my focus on the destination I was trying to reach. She too, was as focused as I; we just drifted apart each going our own way.

Stressed? Maybe that is what you call it, stressed about not knowing what was happening next, great.

Here’s the Thing… it will all work out, November 9th will come and it will all be okay. The sun will rise, the coffee may be good and all my bills will need to be paid; like the rent, and yes, by the 9th, that will be late and have a late fee attached. Now, that’s stress.. But…we will all move on.

Maybe, I should have told that very worried, stressed out woman I met just that…..



One Comment on “Make It Stop…”

  1. Julie Dunbar says:

    Again, another good one.

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