Now 2017!

Well, Happy New Year!

I am hoping that all of you enjoyed the Holidays as much as I did. Some of you, I think, may have gotten a bit mad at me when I stood in line at the grocery store and had a conversation with the cashier. Others of you may have gotten mad because I actually decided to drive the speed limit when traveling to see family.  And well, others of you may have been just plain old frustrated that you had to be patient. I am sure that the moments pasted and that the real issue was that you were dealing with family in your house. That maybe you had to cook a big meal you had no idea had to make or maybe it was because your children, whether young or old, were running around the house messing it up right after you cleaned it.

All these things can make anyone grumpy, upset or plain old mean. I do hope that when you gathered around the dinner table, couch or wherever you decided to eat a Holiday meal, you smiled and felt like you were loved.

Here’s the Thing…..All families have issues, good ones or bad ones. All of us try so hard to make it all so perfect, but that is not why we get together. The reason is to celebrate but also to reconnect to all of those that in the coming year, you will not or may not be able see again.

So, when you are writing out those New Year resolutions, think about adding a few that are not about losing weight, but to reconnect with those you know, to share time with your family and to reconnect with those that maybe you did not see over the Holidays.





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