Contributory Negligence

It seems like there is so much to write about these days that to NOT write a comment or two seems …foolish. I am not sure where to begin.. Do I talk about the job interview I had that seems to have crossed the line of legal questions that can be asked? Or do I discuss how Kelly Anne, Counselor to the President is touting Ivanka’s business? Or maybe, I should talk about how incredibly elated I am that the Patriots won the Super Bowl?

It seems lately that I have stepped into a world of crazy stuff that before would have sent me on my high horse demanding clarity and correction of the wrongs that had occurred. Well, I must admit, I did do that yesterday after I  had a job interview that didn’t go exactly to plan. The jury is still out on the final outcome of the interview but I will say this, I am not sure whose fault it was, mine for not stopping the interview or the other persons fault for asking the unlawful question.

When I watched Kelly Anne on national TV tell me that I should buy Ivanka’s clothing and fashion line, I nearly heaved the TV off the table. Federal employee’s are not allowed to discuss or promote businesses. She has been reprimanded but Dad is the President and he did tweet about her clothing so, where is the separation of what’s right and what’s wrong?

With the lines of decency and law seemingly being meshed together by the highest office of our country these days, who is guiding us in a world that civility once held us together? I have been listening and watching various media and trying to understand the chaos that is not only surrounding us but invading the very fiber of our daily lives. There was a time that disagreeing was good, was healthy, was needed to have it in order to obtain the best ideas that would rise to surface and serve us all.  There were laws that needed to be followed too. These days, it’s gotten so toxic that nothing seems to be respectfully done.


Here’s the Thing…..

In this new altered state of affairs, it’s no wonder that the Patriots pulled off the most incredible comeback in football history….

“Roger That!”