Here’s to Drinks & Texting…

I have seen more than my share of stupid and crazy things. Those things are gonna be for another day but for now, I would like to talk about something very important.

It use to be that going for a nice drive down the highway or down a lone country road was, at times, fun. The road, the car filled with music and some good company made for a good time. Often times, there was no real destination in mind, a stop at a local diner or ice cream stand would make for a fun afternoon. Unfortunately, that has seemed to be a distant memory. It seems that many other people like to do the same thing but for them, being on the phone seems to be more important than enjoying the atmosphere around them. Take note: You are ruining it for all of us!

So here’s the question, “Can you stop texting or looking at your phone while driving for at least 5 minutes?”

I know I can, I know how it feels to be on the highway and watch you enter the highway at 65 mile per hour or higher and cruise into the other lane, my lane. You risk my life and all those around you. I watch you fumble with the phone as you enter digits in it to make a message. You look really silly.  Sounds like I am on my soap box here but you are going to kill someone if you don’t stop texting.

Which brings me to another question, if you can text and be so erratic and say it’s safe, why can not I have a few beers and drive?   I am sure that if I drink and drive I can operate the vehicle I am driving and keep it on the road without running into you. Why should I limit my alcohol intake to keep you safe? I mean, really, aren’t you doing the same thing I am while I drive? You aren’t paying attention to the road. You are swerving all over the place and making me try to avoid you. Why am I subject to strict laws while you seem to be able to do what you want without any regard.

You pick up your phone to text, I should be able to pick up a beer can. Why not….

Actually, maybe we both should stop this reckless behavior and have the same requirements, strict laws that scare the crap out of both of us so we think twice before we do these deeds. I should have a test and your phone should not be able to operate for texting while in a moving car. I know, I know, I can hear the phone ringing now telling me to stop being so judgmental,  I can hear it now, the haters will say, how dare you compare the two, on and on….Go ahead and try to call me, but I can’t answer you right now, cause, I am driving.